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CASE 445 - The Rothschild myths Debunked

Rothschild myths—Debunked

I Personally gave up researching 3 to 4 years ago, writing and looking into conspiracy theories, facts, the NWO and many other subjects because I felt the truth movement had been watered down, infiltrated and spat out with half truths, people and agents were just generalising, trolls ruining for no reason or purposely, taking whats put on the web as the truth and then promoting these ideas as their own, and its mostly negative and false stuff and it gets to the point where even natural disasters or anything big in the world instantly people blame the illuminati or Rothschilds. When I researched I didn't spend 4 hours on google, FB or youtube hoping to stumble upon some amazing information because I always knew from the start that the elite have controlled the internet and the flow of information on it from day 1,"its all there on a plate waiting for you, half truths", I went to places of interest such as masonic lodges, The city of London, banks, echelon at Menwith hill, met so many people like D. icke, the zeitgeist lot, tpuc, freeman league, protests and so many other diverse places and people, I sent so many freedom of information questions and so many other people have to, but found even if you present truths backed with evidence or at least the maths behind the information you're giving the amount of people reaching this information is little and most don't act upon it or care anyway because the rest of the truth movement isn't trending it so people don't want be the lone wolf and information gets lost. One of the biggest and to me laughable theories concerns the Rothschild family, I know so many people who speak and promote them as almighty world leaders and banking kingpins, they are a powerful force in the banking industry and have interests in other industries too but there are far bigger, wealthy more powerful people and banking dynasties.

Rothschild Myth 1

One of the most infamous myths pertaining to the famous Rothschild banking family of Europe, is a quote allegedly made by founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty; Mayer Amschel Rothschild in 1838. The quote:—”Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!” This notorious quote could not have been made by Mayer Amschel Rothschild on that date, because he died on September 19 1812!!! You will find this alleged Mayer Amschel Rothschild quote, all over the internet with the date 1838. Now you know the truth, you’ll know what a total lie, this piece of anti-semitic pro-zionist propaganda.

Rothschild Myth 2.

Here’s another ridiculous Rothschild myth—The Rothschild family secretly own $500 trillion in gold bullion which is secretly stored in underground vaults. It’s obvious that this is a total exaggeration to any person of average intelligence, and here’s why:— The total value of ALL the gold ever mined in human history, amounts to around US$9.2 trillion!!! 1 quarter of that is in Indian women's control, 1 quarter is used for computer components, jewellery and 1 quarter is in public and private banks, Therefore claiming the Rothschild family have US$500 trillion, is completely ridiculous because that much gold doesn’t even exist or never has!!!, This is a ludicrous accusation that seems to have appeared out of thin air and been accepted as gospel truth by internet truthers and anti-Semites. There's no source of the claim. It appears to be completely made up. It’s also impossible. The entire amount of financial assets held by the population of the earth is a bit less than $200 trillion. As of 2011, the total worth of the derivatives market was about $600 trillion, and there’s nowhere near enough money in the world to pay that off should the need arise.
The richest living member of the Rothschild family, Benjamin de Rothschild, is estimated to be worth about 3 billion dollars. Only two Rothschilds, but not Jacob, appear on the Forbes list of richest people in the world – which, of course, has led to a separate conspiracy about Forbes colluding with the family to keep their true wealth quiet.

Rothschild Myth 3.

Yet another priceless gem, if you’ll pardon the intentional pun—The Rothschild banking family own and control the US Federal Reserve through the Rothschild Bank of Berlin and for that matter its said they own all the central banks apart from 3, its ALL over the web, they don't even own 1 central bank. All over the internet there are websites written by ‘scholars’ and ‘professors’, claiming that the Rothschild Bank of Berlin, is a privately owned bank which the Rothschilds use to profit from and control the US Federal Reserve. Er, there’s only one slight problem with this theory:—The Rothschild Bank of Berlin, does not and has never existed!!! The last German branch of the Rothschild Bank, was in Frankfurt and this branch closed in 1901 some eleven years before the Federal Reserve Act was even passed!!! and these conspiracy theories get passed down the generations like Chinese whispers and the truth is watered down. Please also note the following—Some conspiracists maintain regardless of the above, that the US Federal Reserve is a privately run bank and that all it’s profits are paid to foreigners, i.e. The Rothschild family. This is complete rubbish:—By law, virtually all the of the Federals Reserve’s vast profits, are paid to the US Treasury, which is a private corporation run through the sovereign nation of the District of Columbia, in Washington DC and has been since 1947, so the Rothschilds are certainly not getting any money from the US Federal Reserve! They own 7 banks that they merged into 1 bank the Rothschild group, its possible that they own a majority in Goldman sachs and a few other public banks.

Rothschild myth 4.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was made to disappear so supposedly Jacob Rothschild the 3rd Richest Rothschild could gain control of a multiply-owned patent. Firstly the other 4 of the 5 patent holder were not even on the plane, secondly if they were killed on the plane the patents would be passed on to family members not Rothchild haha

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