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CASE 444 - September 11th attacks

According to the controlled media, Western governments and leaders,
The September 11th attacks were a series of four coordinated terrorist attacks launched by the Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda
who after 20 years of planning stole planes and crashed them into the towers causing them to collapse killing 2977 people. 2 planes or even 20 couldn't destroy 200,000 tons of steel and 425,000 cubic yards concrete in such a short amount of time. It was a 20 year plus plan designed and orchestrated by many wealthy people for certain gains and advances. The true masterminds of 9/11 are Georgio Hugo Balestrieri P2 mason and head of the Rotary club in the UN building NY with over 30 years of knowledge in counter terrorism, strategic warfare and many other skills, Jesuit Cardinal Egan and former corrupt Mayor Giuliani orchastrated on behalf of the Jesuits, sovereign military order of malta and the zionist controlled order to eliminate certain people, establishments and to create trillions in future arms contracts, oil extraction, security and war on terror spending, carbon tradings and destroy lots of evidence

One of the favorite theories for bringing the towers down, apart from thermite or demolition charges, is directed energy weapons. Large parts of the towers were turned to dust or vapor along with controlled explosions, thermite and the impact of planes. The evidence all quickly removed by Guilliani and Hugo nue who Recycled and managed the debris from WTC complex in a matter of 7 weeks. Scientist had figured ways of bending very thick steel or vaporizing it to dust with directed energy way back in the 70's, so billion dollar companies such as Raytheon or DARPA have come a very long way since then. After the impact of the planes, molecular dissociation occured where the steel and concrete in certain parts of the building were turned to dust and a few of the floors were rigged with explosive devices and thermite causing the "freefall" of both towers

5 main reasons for the WTC terrorist attacks

1) Trillion dollar Carbon trading wars and Fraud

Many paperless contracts trillions in fraud and laundering moments before, during and after attacks and a major Carbon trading futures war was going on between various companies. Cantor/Fitzgerald had created and patented software which would have generated trillions in Carbon trading futures to only a monopolising few. Many people started asking questions, there were a few emergency meetings that morning and certain important people were killed. Between Aon, Cantor/Fitzgerald and Marsh and Mclennan All run through subsidiaries of Kroll inc 44% of all the people who died worked for these 3 companies, ....

2) Major Real estate and insurance Fraud

Huge majority of the WTC towers were empty, condemed with asbestos, unsafe and they were not making money anymore, other companies were loosing money, it would have cost an estimated $15 billion to safely put up scafolding, dismantle and rebuild the towers, but Larry Silverstein still bought the 99 year lease 2 years before and managed to insure the WTC complex with a down-payment of $165 million and tried to claim $7.7 Billion claiming it was 2 seperate terrorist attacks, but eventually he got payed $4.5 Billion after attacks, $500 for building 7 and then he got the rights to build new freedom tower....

3) Creating a false enermy terrorist

The whole "muslim terrorist attack" was used as a pretext for the US military and the military complex to go to war in parts of the middle east creating trillions in arms contracts, private mercinary contracts, oil contracts and extractions of other resources. Then centralised banks, institutes and western governments were installed handing the wealth and power over to US backed and financed leaders and corporations of the world.

4) Gold and silver heist

The biggest gold, silver, precious metals, currency, insurance and fraudulent money laundering heist in history, its estimated that the Saudi Arabian and kuwait governments and other middle eastern private investors had over $2 billion in gold and silver bullion and a futher $1 billion in gold and silver bullion was stored in bank vaults underneath and around the trade centre

Comex metals trading - 3,800 gold bars weighing 12 tonnes and worth more than $100 million
Comex clients - 800,000 ounces of gold with a value of about $220 million
Comex clients - 102 million ounces of silver, worth $430 million
Bank of Nova Scotia - $200 million of gold

5) Problem reaction solution

Many organisations were set up such as the "homeland security" giving even more power, wealth and resources from the people to the federal governments and corporations of the world

Involved, financed or financially gained from 911 attacks

AIG - Insurer of the WTC complex, also Trillions in fraud and laundering moments before, during and after attacks

Aon - Trillions in in carbon futures before, during and after attacks

Blackstone group - Controlled the mortgage of the WTC site

CIA, NSA and the DOD - intelligence operations before and after attacks

Convar Gm bought by Kroll - Technology data and evidence recovery of the WTC complex and covered up all the fraud

Cantor fitzgerald - Trillions in carbon futures before, during and after attacks

Comex - Security for the Vaults for Gold, silver, currencies and metals of the WTC complex

DARO - Air defence reconnaissance

DARPA - Created the directed energy weapons used in attacks

ECHELON system - Worldwide Intelligence system

FEMA - helped cover up the evidence and remove people from certain areas of the complex before, during and after attacks

Goldman sachs - Major Financier and lender to purchase WTC complex

Hugo nue - Recycled and managed debris from WTC complex

Kroll owned by AIG - Security for WTC complex, risk assessment and major financier

KuwAm - In charge of Technology for 3 airports, hijacked planes flew from

ICTS International - Controlled security for 3 airports, hijacked planes flew from

Marsh and Mclennan - Worlds largest brokerage firm, Trillions in fraud and laundering moments before and during attacks, the main hub for all the fraudulent activity was going on here, the 1st plane killed almost everyone and destroyed the control rooms, evidence, paperless contracts, hard drives, everything...

NORAD - Controls US airspace security, but was hacked on day of attacks

New York Port Authority - Ran the WTC complex

Northrop Grumman - Electronic warfare systems worked with DARPA

Pentagon - Intelligence and controls the US army and airforce

Raytheon - Electronic warfare systems

Silverstein properties - major financier and part owned a 99 year lease on the WTC complex, payed $4.5 Billion after attacks

Silverstream - built many scandelous trading applications for many banks before and around the time of the attacks

Straresec - In charge of Security for hijacked airlines used and security for main parts of the WTC complex

SIMS group - Cleaned all the metal from WTC complex and delivered to Hugo Nue facilities in NJ and upstate NY

Westfield America Inc - Part owned the 99 year lease of the WTC complex retail section and major financier


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