Wednesday, 5 October 2011

CASE 347 - The UK government

The government, the whole idea of the government and the system in which the government controls, is it a legitimate system...? people against the government will disagree, but its a perfectly crafted system, it abides by its own laws. Its like a watering hole in the middle of the African planes, the only 1 for hundreds of miles, all the animals come to drink, wash and play, its an important legitimate place, but the government, Is it real...? no its not real, I'm not saying it doesn't exist, its there, but its not real in the sense that it never will or never has helped humanity or the people of the UK in its survival. Supporters of the government will say that comment is rubbish, but really, how does it work...?

Well normal everyday people from around the country start up locally, they join their local political party, work there way up from a young age by helping out in the community, helping charities, political parties or by joining certain high society local circles or groups such as a rotary club, freemasons or golf club until your the best, well connected and most powerful person in your area for that party and then all the political parties battle it out for the 1 position of power which makes you a member of parliament (MP), how they do this is by promising extra jobs, better healthcare, safer streets, securing cash donations and then around 15% of all of the people eligible in the UK vote, most usually born into a certain political party circle will stick to their own all their life, but others vote for anyone or who they feel is best at that certain time as they feel they should vote and it will make a difference, some voters even quote that false saying, "if you don't vote, you have no say or right in this country". Then from all over the land 650 MP's are selected to supposedly sit in Westminster, London for a minimum salary of £65,738 plus they can claim money for ALL of their travel, mortgage and shopping payments and they then decide how the UK is run for the Queen, Elizabeth the 2nd, and a prime minister the head of all the government is appointed by and for the queen. Then Certain MP's or groups will come up with new laws or bills in which they are then put into parliament for all the MP's to discus and then if the majority agree on it, it then goes to the house of lords, the owners of all the lands, the lords and ladies then vote to make it law, the same process happens if they want to change a law or scrap a law. It costs around £160 million before they have even spent 1 pence on the country to employ all of these MP's and heads of departments. So voting has NO effect what's so ever on how this country is run it just keeps the continual system going and all voters are doing (like playing the lottery) are voting to hope someone they voted for gets into power and when that MP gets in power they then "suggest " (thats all, "suggest ") a new law for the lords, ladies and above all the Queen and crown to decide if they agree on because they rule and set the laws of the lands. Lets just pretend for a second it does, your vote does count, how come certain laws are being put through by MP's at westminster and passing on to the house of lords, that help certain industries, corporations or rich persons make even more money easier, the same certain industries, corporations or rich persons that paid "cash donations" to help that certain MP get into his position of power (an MP) to then put that certain law through to the house of lords. Then the higher up in government the higher the salary, more power and opportunities they get and the more change comes from that MP and all the ad things that previous MP's did are forgotten as they run their government departments, and also in their high society local circles or groups such as a rotary club, freemasons, they rise up and the power and influence gets greater, some are then selected to become bilderberg members, which is where the continental power is, MP's and government workers, major corporation workers all attend and discus how their continent is run, its just a bigger version of the UK government and is just a stepping stone to a 1 world government which many world and continental leaders, corporations and rich persons have called for to run the whole world.

Then within the government there is (and this is where the whole system is even more corrupted) over 1000 government departments which is led by 20 Select committee's covering all aspects of human life and if your a teenager, young or just not very clever or well educated all these names and amounts of departments can be confusing or even hard to find and then understand as kids are not taught about any of these subjects in school, which is why many feel disjointed from society, want to cause trouble, take drugs and never get anywhere in life (which is a huge profit for the government) and a huge divide of the 5% rich, 35% middle class and 60% poor becomes very apparent. Each of these departments will have a head or leader on a minimum salary of £40,000 and each department has hundreds of workers (around 453,000) on salaries working in resource wasteful buildings and offices and they are all working out of the loop, not knowing what one department is doing from one day to another (security reasons), so no body knows anything, and before you know the newly MP just voted in wants to change the system that everyone has got used to so each department then has to train its staff to that new system and this happens every 4 years, which all costs a huge amount of time and money to do. So where does this money come from...?, 98% of the UK population believe that the working tax and national insurance some pay, goes to pay for all of these departments, the government and then all the services, resources and systems they provide, but this is false. The government "borrows"the money with "added interest" off the Bank of England according to how big the economy is and how big the need for money to be put into circulation is, then 3% is printed into real fiat cash at the royal mint and the other 97% is filtered through to the major national banks who then loan it out with added interest, some banks can even create up to 9 times the amount of "real assets and paper money" they have in their reserves (this is fractional reserve banking), and pays for the countries budget which most of it is just a wasteful system, not needed and other departments of the system which are pointless. So the money from national insurance, is placed as the countries insurance to the bank of England and then the working tax goes to pay for the interest repayments on the countries budget, or if you think about it, you are paying for money to exist and the money supply will always out do the amount of money the people will ever be able to pay back, this is endless debt, a never ending circle. If we managed to pay off all the debts, then there would be no money in circulation. So we have a system that we pay double for to exist and have no say in how its run, they supposedly supply us with everything we need, they set laws for us in which we all have to live by, but we then have to pay more money (council tax) for another "locally run system", the council and all its members (councilors), run the lands and laws on a local level.

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