Friday, 1 July 2011

CASE 320 - The love police

The love police a British activist group set up by Charlie veitch who was from a rich well travelled family (in his own words) started off with fantastic video's, spreading peace, justice and truth in such a good way, it was honest and possitive, people were protesting with love and it was working, but as time went on the 'Love police message' started fading and it seemed to move over to the 24/7 life show of Charlie veitch and his girlfriend Silkie Carlo, he even did a Charlie veitch exposes Charlie Veitch video where he explaines all his jobs and family history, he worked for the rothschilds and various other banking firms in the city of London, but fails to mention that the current job at that time was an intelligence front with links to the MI5, Tavistock and various other circles. His fame had grown in such a short amount of time. He was meeting, interviewing and being interviewed by controlled gatekeeping shills such as Alex Jones, David Icke, we are change, so of course it was growing. At one point the whole 'love police message' was non existant, it had now fazed into a weekly show of Charlie getting arrested in a major protest somewhere in a far destination in the world with his bullhorn, and somehow he always managed to let the world know he was locked up and it being like hell

'help me', 'send money to silkie for my bail'

Much respect to Charlie and the love police for standing up to the Iron fist of the corporate prison system we live in, but he always seemed to be in the wrong place at the right time, and always got away with charges and being sent to prison unlike a lot of protesters are for a lot less then what Charlie did. Then in July of 2011 he hit the nail into his own coffin by announcing after 3 days of interviewing 9/11 victims, visiting the 9/11 site and exhuasted all various other ideas that '9/11 was not an inside job, and everyone is just getting lost in conspiracy theories'. I always from the start kept a close eye on the Love police and sat at the sideline and watched it grow, but I was never led away from the truth by the 'pied piper of the truth movement' Charlie veitch and the love police

Charlie Veitch Exposed By Freedom Central

Charles veitch and the shill police

Love police video's

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