Friday, 15 April 2011

CASE 263 - Strawman

A strawperson or strawman is a figure not intended to have a genuine beneficial interest in a property, to whom such property is nevertheless conveyed in order to facilitate a more complicated transaction at law. Under common law, a property owner cannot transfer their own property to themself; this rule creates a barrier to certain forms of conveyances, most notably to creating a joint tenancy with another party. The grantor therefore conveys the property to a strawperson (often a lawyer or the lawyer's secretary), who in turn creates a second deed conveying property to the original grantor and their desired joint tenant(s). This is a legal means of complying with the Four Unities Rule. A strawperson at times is someone engaging in some other kind of transaction where the principal remains hidden or to do something else which is not allowed. A straw person is also "a person of no means," or one who deliberately accepts a liability or other monetary responsibility without the resources to fulfill it, usually to shield another party.

Without your knowledge, you were stolen from your parents at birth and automatically became the judicial property of a commercial company pretending to be your government. What you think of as “your” birth certificate is proof of this action. The biggest secret is that your government is a collection of commercial companies whose only real purpose is to take as much money from ordinary people as they can, using unlawful actions. Their sole intention is to keep you poor, in fear and doing whatever they tell you to do.

In the UK

This is a large subject, “The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”. The average person living in this area believes that he is a free person living in a democracy which is governed by elected parliamentary representatives of the people and Queen, protected by legal statutes introduced by Parliament and enforced by police officers who are there to ensure your protection where physically possible. Those who are better informed, believe that the Magna Carta signed in 1215 affords them substantial rights and freedoms.

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