Saturday, 5 February 2011

CASE 213 - The difference between the orders/Societies and what they do

As I explained in many other cases, the secret societies, orders, garters, religious orders are not all owned, controlled and run by one organization, sect, person or society. Its a very complex structure, a rabbit hole that never ends.

Jesuits - CASE 107

A private military, religious and financial order controllers of a large part of the worlds financial, religious and military world for a small 50 or so years until they were cast out and expelled from most countries of the world, to return back to power, with their history and traces fazed out of the commonly accepted knowledge circle. The 2 Jesuit generals or black popes are not entirely in control, there word is not final, apart from the "white pope" answers to the generals, its up to the illusive and un known noble council of 10, which was formed by the 10 most powerful families of the European black nobility which stretch back for over 600 years such as the farnese and medici who have ruled Europe since the renaissance and even as far back as the roman empire, which essentially is what the order is all about. Then this order is highly protected with its octopus tenticles the SMOM order and garters

The Sovereign Military Order of Malta - CASE 106

The SMOM are the Protectors, financiers, hofjudens, religious leaders for the black pope, Queens, kings, media moguls, world bank and UN leaders, major entertainment share holders, armies, knights, garters are all part of or under the SMOM, they have offices, members in nearly ALL the worlds countries, even there own passport and they control the EU, the EURO currency and have permanent observation and office at the UN

Illuminati - CASE 096

The illuminati is split up in to many different areas and are based on different beliefs and histories, battles underground are going on, some fighting against each other, different orders are fighting for control of the knowledge. Its the illuminati's job to send out propaganda, structure, infiltrate and re-organize all the political systems, gate keepers of knowledge, orders and societies, and they have done it all through dogma in freemasonry, you could say hiding behind it as well as close links to the vatican, its always come with caution, until the last few years its become a box office hit - The illuminati

Black nobility - CASE 089

These are the old order, the old families from Europe, who dominated, raped and took of most of the world, in many different forms. The bloodline still exists, all the possitions of royalty in Europe are still run by the bloodline of the black nobility.

Zionists - CASE 026

Zionists are political, media and financial extremists totally under lease, Hojudens and are working for the SMOM and Jesuit order

Committee 300 - CASE 014

Said to be the 300 most powerful families get together to discus and make plans as set by the Illuminati, SMOM and Jesuit orders, headed up by the Rothschild family

Rothschild family - CASE 007

Most powerful banking dynasty for the last 300 years, created and funded by the Illuminati and council of 10, they have dominated and destroyed the world for what it was, 192 out of 196 of the worlds currencies are under the control and are completly created out of debt off the tax payers wage, they have tricked, devaluated, made a big event and bought back many countries, governments and central banks.

The queen of Great Britain - CASE 104

She is one of the most powerful persons on earth, a high member of the British empire which is under complete control of the SMOM, she is head of the garters and old English knights and chivilries, we live under the illusion that we get to vote for a politician that works for her, but she owns the government, its hers, her face in on one 3rd of the worlds currencies, she owns more land than anyone and controls over 54 countries through the commonwealth, but the media and common acceptance circle has made her and her family out to be a waste of time and tax payers money, but she is far greater than that.

The Bilderberg group - CASE 025

All the egotistical bankers, top politicians, businessmen, land owners and corporation share holders get together once a year and tactically plan how to keep the shit, war, corrupted, debt ridden society going for their masters the SMOM / Jesuits, but actually believe they are at the top giving the orders to the rest and most of the truther gate keepers will lead you to here than not carry on.

The freemasons - CASE 021

There's a lodge in nearly every city, its all the local craftsmen, business owners, councilors, politicians who privatly get together to control and plan the local area for the order, Originally started to go against the current King who was charging everyone far to much tax, so the freemasons became freemen, sovereign entities devoting their life to the order, but eventually freemasonry was infiltrated, big time

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