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CASE 194 - Universal Mineral Leases Registry

A loophole in Space Law allows individuals and companies to hold Mineral Rights on the Moon, Mars and other celestial bodies. Growing concern from Scientists that these rights may be held hostage have been alleviated by a three man North American team; Dr. Joseph Resnick, Dr. Timothy R. O'Neill and Guy Cramer (ROC-Resnick/O'Neill/Cramer team) who have acquired the mineral rights for 95% of the side of the moon that faces Earth, the polar regions and 50% of the far side of the moon, the Chinese and Russians under Jesuit control own the other 50%, Roc also own 10% of Mars and also they are rumored to own around 60% of our known Galaxy mineral rights, which they sell off to people in pieces, supprizingly for not that much, but there is a lot of it. After setting aside 8.9 million acres around Apollo 11 Lunar landing site and designated as a "World Heritage Site". The ROC team announced that it was holding more than 75% of the Lunar Mineral rights to allow for the extraction of Helium-3 and other minerals for the advancement of Space Exploration, Earth and Space Sciences and safer more efficient energy production. With the mineral rights secured, the ROC team wants to oversee the extraction process for He3 and other minerals for any robotic or human ventures to obtain these materials to ensure the Moon doesn’t become a series of scared surface mines visible from Earth or future lunar orbiting space stations. Visual Mitigation will be a priority so that the expected large scale strip mining doesn’t turn the moon into an eyesore for the rest of us.

Map of the Moon

Map of Mars

A few people have pointed out to me that mineral ownership can only happen if a human has claimed it for themselves - CASE 018 - Moon mining

ROC has secured the mineral rights to the following sites on the Moon; the first region is designated as a preserve.

On January 14, 2004 U.S. President Bush announced a new vision for NASA that incorporated a human return to the Moon by 2020, follow-on exploration of Mars and other destinations. A recent meeting of some 200 scientists from 17 countries expects "lunar landers cooperating into an international lunar robotic village before 2014", evolving technologies for human-tended missions that prepare the ground for an "effective, affordable human lunar exploration and permanent presence by 2024." The ROC team is expected to work with NASA's Moon-Mars and Beyond Initiative and International Space Agencies to set aside specific regions of interest for potential; landing, launch, habitat, exploration, environmental, communication, experimentation, industrialization and commercialization sites. With key areas now obtained and protected by the ROC team, the public now has access of the Universal Mineral Leases Registry for acquisition of mineral rights to other areas on the Moon, Mars and Beyond.

Universal Mineral Leases Registry - check out the title at the top, why is a Soveriegn military order of Malta Cross flying across the galaxy to land on the moon

Top secret files on Dr Resnick

Dr. Joseph Resnick

Dr. Resnick is a graduate of Westinghouse Electric Corporation's Electro- Mechanical Engineering School Apprentice Program and the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Resnick holds a Master's Degree in Earth and Space Health Systems Management and was a NASA Scholar-in-Residence at the Military College of Vermont at Vermont College and holds the Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Environmental Studies with concentration in Bioremdiation and Biodefense from The Union Institute and University at Cincinnati. Dr. Resnick is the Chief Scientist for NxGenUSA Corporation of Pittsburgh, and has oversight of the Future Soldier Systems Division, the Vehicle Up-Armor and Visual Mitigation Division and the Earth&Space Biodefense Divisions. Dr.Resnick is an applied scientist and inventor holding numerous US and Foreign Patents concerning various technologies, e.g., low observables, speech restoration, environmental and biodefense technologies. He has authored and co-authored numerous White Papers and collaborates as part of the ROC-team commissioned to develop next- generation camouflage systems for the Kingdom of Jordan and to develop visual mitigation technologies for DOE/DOI/BLM. Dr. Resnick possesses extensive lateral skill sets in biology, anatomy and physiology, medicine, electrical and mechanical engineering, robotics, earth and space systems architecture - component design, defense security programs, low observable technologies, global and space communication systems architectures engineering and Military/Homeland strategic defense.

Seven of Dr. Resnick's discoveries were showcased by NASA in a display at the Galaxy Arcade at KSC from April 1985 through August 1995. Included were components Dr. Resnick designed for use in the fueling systems for the SST Orbiter fleet as well as pollution control systems and components used in space suits as well as the ECADD, a medical device designed for use in microgravity conditions. In September, 1994, Dr. Resnick was featured on the cover of NASA's Techbriefs Magazine in a story entitled 'Mission Accomplished' which described successful commercialization of a NASA spinoff-technology he utilized to develop an arsenal of new bioremediation products to clean up oil spills, worldwide. That technology had its foundations on experiments aboard STS 43. Dr. Resnick is a recognized expert in strategic defense program design of low observable visual mitigation technologies for protection of critical infrastructure and functions in various governmental and industrial consultancies. Dr. Resnick has directed strategic national and international intelligence, counter-intelligence defense initiatives for next-generation ECM, ECCM and future Space and Soldier Systems R&D programs. Other areas of proficiency include secure theater-wide communications operations, clandestine communication procedures, encryption methodologies and the design of secure communications networks within defense and public environments. Dr. Resnick is a noted authority in the areas of COMSEC, INFOSEC, HAARP and SIGSEC and is the Founding Director of the National Anti-Terrorism Technology Development and Training Center and Founder of VansForVets.Org.

Dr. Resnick holds five degrees of eduction in various scientific disciplines and has worked with NASA and various other agencies in multiple capacaties and in private industry for the past thirty years. Joe is the Chief Scientist for NxGenUSA Corporation of Pittsburgh, PA and holds numerous worldwide patents. Joe is affiliated with the National Defense Industrial Organization, Arlington, VA, as a Life Member; the Aerospace Medical Association, Human-Factors Engineering Branch, Founding Member; the Western Pennsylvania High Technology Council, Founding Member; Founding Director of the National Anti-Terrorism Technology Development and Training Center; Founder of the National Eco-Counter Terrorism Institute; Founder of VansForVets.Org and the creator-orgnizer of the Universal Mineral Leases Registry ( Joe has been married for thirty years, has two daughters and enjoys family life. He is an avid environmentalist and has various other interests.

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