Thursday, 25 November 2010

CASE 193 - Are truthers subliminally promoting the NWO

Post after post, link after link, like after like, while time is ticking away fast, the sun is shining, nature is growing, the world is going by and alot of people who claim they are trying or fighting against the NWO are sat at home, posting links of horror, shame and stories, wether true or not of the eventualities of "what might happen" in the NWO, ive done it, when the majority of the stories out there are either propaganda stories invented by the elite or people working for the elite, or its a game of chinese wispers or they are stories that give no hope to the people and makes them feel like crap and not want to do anything, but a small part of them are true stories, leaving people thinking, "well what should/could I do with this information". Also another thing is when certain days of events are meant to be predicted to happen, like in November 6th 2010, I watched the web go crazy about a certain nuclear attack was going to happen on this day, i have watched this many times, in fact I learnt about it around 1999, when everyone was going mad about the "millenium bug" but like most these days come and pass and people dont mention it and its all forgotten. Now getting to the whole point of the post, its not a stab at the truthers, free persons, its a request to all those to either step up their game or try a new way of trying to take down the elite coz posting all day doesn't get us anywhere but with a long line of links for the truthers to read, knowing full well the non awake people will not spend 5 seconds of their time reading it.

"You're tenacity in opposing the NWO is inspiring, you should be proud, but where do we go from here"

So are we the truthers:

1) subliminally promoting the NWO to the non awake people...?, who's brains can't tell the difference between their arse and their elbow but can pay a bill on time and vote, and its all in ways of default by design, meaning we can't help it or unknowingly do it coz society and the way most people react is in disgust and hate


2)is it really working what we are doing and slowly getting through to the majority of the people


3) are we just allowing people like Alex jones and other alternative media gatekeepers at the top of the so called truth movement to subliminary promote the NWO for the majority of the people.

I believe a global non-compliance which is a long shot is 1 way or self sustainability is another and we the truthers have to build and invite the non awake people into our free communities, I am a big believer that people follow by actions, so if we go off and "JUST LIVE" how we want the world to live and be, people eventually will follow us and the whole corrupted system will fail.

"There has to be a trusted secret order in order to bring down the deceitful protected order", is what my Uncle told me and its so true.

But then after we defeat or something naturally, like nature defeats the elite who are setting up the NWO, THEN WHAT....?

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