Sunday, 14 November 2010

CASE 175 - Cryptocracy & symbolism

Occult symbols, numbers and rituals are everywhere. Satanic music, movies, books, television 'programming' and cartoons are the norm. Virtually every corporate logo includes an occult symbol dating back to the Egyptian and Babylonian Mystery Schools. Our modern language was designed in the 17th century by Rosicrucian Francis Bacon and other illuminati with a subterranean code called 'twilight language' (number coincidences, name games, initiatory codes) that is used esoterically to communicate between initiates of high masonry and exoterically to control the goyim. The new world order symbols are the pyramid, the all seeing eye, the two headed eagle, the snake, 666, the devil horns, the obelisk, the dome, the five pointed star, the six pointed star, the skull and crossbones and most importantly, the sunrise signifying The Dawn of a New Day (world communism).

The Black Nobility elite bloodline families claim descent from the Egyptian Pharaohs. The Merovingian bloodline claims descent from Jesus Christ himself! The bloodline families, and the powers behind them, the Jewish Satanist Moneylenders and the Jesuit Psychopath Pedophile Priests believe they will become living Gods through superior genetics and technology. They are Darwinists and atheists who believe they can shape reality through the magickal arts (now known as chaos theory, quantum mechanics) and overcome the laws of nature. This will be their undoing.

The occult religion of the elite teaches that the Christian God is the bad guy and Satan the good guy. God held man in the bondage of ignorance while Satan freed him to fulfill his true destiny of Godhood! The elite act out their Gnostic rites (Satanism) in private and on the public stage mainly through 'entertainment' (predictive programming, conditioned response) and spectacular crimes (911, 777).

The biblical 'prophecies' are the elite's business plan. They are well underway fulfilling the 'prophecies' of the Bible. Scottish Rite of Freemasonry founder Albert Pike wrote in 1871 that WW111 was to be between Zionism and Islam causing a worldwide collapse of the economy and civilization itself. A World King will come forth who will 'prove' his lineage to Jesus, Mohammad and King David (that I identify the 'Lion King' chapter) who will absorb Islam and Christianity into the New Age Satanic/Luciferian religion - Judaism. During this tribulation so called 'UFO sightings' ,'alien' and 'paranormal' experiences will dramatically increase. The Jewish United Nations will announce to the world that aliens genetically engineered mankind and they have returned to either make war with us or bring 'peace and security'. The public will accept either scenario as reality their response having been predictively programmed by movies and television to accept that aliens exist - la' Star Trek, V, Star Wars, etc.

Central to the Mystery Religions is Kaballah, or Cabala, as in a cabal. Freemasonry is Kabbalism. It is the recipe book for invoking demons, talking to the dead, animating dead matter and becoming a living God. It says that God is everywhere yet unconscious filtering through emanations called Sepheroth. The Sepherotic tree of Life describes God's descent from the divine to the material and man's ascent from the material to the divine. Each sepheroth is a level of attainment towards mastery and has a corresponding energy center in the body, what the Hindus call a chakra. Each sepheroth is divided in four sections or 'worlds'. They are emanation, creation, formation and action. The sepheroth comprise the unspeakable personal name of God, the Tetragrammatron. The system propounded by Kabbalists is the use of amulets, talismans, numbers, name mysticism, incantations and demonology to ascend the Tree of Life to Godhood. The purest, highest state is called Israel.

The Mystery Religions teach that all symbols and numbers have a corresponding energy vibration. These 'secrets' were rarely written down but passed down by word of mouth, through symbols and numbers, and encoded in the architecture of buildings and monuments by their symbols, shapes and measurements. The Kaballah made its first written appearance about 1200 years ago. John Dee (007), the founder of the British Empire brought the Kaballah to England after his pact in Vienna with the Jew Satanist Rabbis.

The most predominately used New World Order event numerics are 11, 13, 33, 39, 66, 666, 77, 777 and 93. These numbers are used predominately in orchestrated acts of terrorism, assassinations, acts of war and important mass indoctrination (entertainment). The are insane but there is a method to their insanity. The only thing 'magickal' occuring is the power of suggestion - neuro linguistic programming.

The world is a vast mind control lab/Satanic coven and we are its unwitting initiates/sacrificial victims.

The elite's attitude has, save for very brief periods, been one of master and slave. The great masses of people have been butchered, raped, starved, pillaged, tortured and sent to fight in useless wars. Their goal is the complete ownership of everyone, everywhere, forever microchipped cyberslaves. The future is only for those who are of use and can survive the coming 'paradigm shift' - the culling of the herd down to 500 million to 'save the earth'.Think Green is the mantra. Humans are a virus. We must get rid of most of them. Green is the color of Venus, or Lucifer. Venus is the Morning Star which rises BEFORE the Sun. Get it? If you serve no purpose in the New World Order you will be exterminated. The cryptocracy believe only they have souls and we are nothing more than cattle, or as one of their cultural architects Bertrand Russell said "useless eaters".

If the public fails to respond to the Revelation of The Method, the revealing of all the secrets for all to see - as is happening now - by getting rid of the virus (the Cryptocrats), then the public are steaks on the table by choice and consent according to their dogma.

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