Friday, 12 November 2010

CASE 170 - The order of the Black sun

The Black Sun is the source of all decay and death in this world.

Death and decay are vital to the natural balance, but what the Black Sun Society seeks to do is NOT natural. Our world has never had the chance to evolve without the meddling scaly hands (claws) of the Alpha Draconic race. We have never been allowed to mature and grow without the manipulation of this alien race's greed and desire for power. The humans they are tricked into helping them push their agenda are nothing more than meat puppets for them, they lodge themselves inside their waking consciousness and wear humans like we wear clothes and gorge themselves in our earthly delights and in depraved and perverse acts and in the ultimate form of humiliation and subjection, command their pet humans (Illuminati) to eat other humans. The Black Sun is a force that consumes and rots all organic matter.

The purpose of the Black Sun Society is to enact the "Global Extermination Plot" and slay 95%-99% of the world population, including animals and most plants. That is why they have gigantic seed banks and huge underground bunkers with special zoos so that once the world is "cleansed" they will abandon their Black Sun Society and return to the worship of the Golden Sun and renew life in a "higher" state. BULLSHIT!!! The moment that happens the Reptilian agenda goes into effect. They will enslave what little humans are left, use them as slaves, sex toys, and food and THEY (apparently Reptiles) will inhabit this earth, now cleansed of their ancient genetic experiment that revolted from their rule so many centuries ago. Part of the Reptilian "strangle hold" on these seriously misguided few is that they know one of the best methods of control is to LET their human flesh puppets THINK that THEY have the power and that they are vital to the Reptilian agenda... they are vital ONLY to the completion of the Global extermination plot or the "Black Sun Rise". Past that... they are seen as a source of amusement, slavery and then food. I believe that they had close ties to the Nazi party, satanic groups such as the skull and bones and many others.

That is why "death cults" are such a prominent fixture in the Anglo-Saxon conspiracy. Some legitimate Death Cults did and do exist. The Norse god Odin had a death cult which women wept for the dead and men prepped the bodies and "took them under" or where "undertakers" and laid the bodies to rest as an act of respect and ancestor worship. In fact most of the undertaker's dress and record keeping comes from this exact cult of Odin. I am taking about the Death Cults like the Skull and Bones which is nothing more than a watered down and preparatory society of the modern manifestation of the original Black Sun cult, the Illuminati. To condition and brain wash the minded of the young elite to accepting this absolute EVIL as “necessary” for the greater good… The Black Sun cult was a Reptilian manipulation that corrupted the minds of Humans that their race was "imperfect" and needed to be "purified" or "refreshed". This idea lead to all the classes of man, the elite believing they were "above" the lowly ones, the "impure" below them and that they needed to keep their blood line intact so that they could create a race of god/humans once the earth had been wiped clean and the Golden Sun raised once more upon a clean earth and they would return to their original Golden Sun Worship and make sure every child born had a distinct purpose and great destiny to fulfill. These inbreed scum taught this murderous idea to their children and then to their children and we have been under generations of psychopaths who believe they must kill off 95-99% of the non-pure blood lines and begin again.

The “Transpultonian” creatures, often summoned into service by the Illuminati come from a region of the universe where the Black Sun is their prevailing life force; having destroyed their Golden Sun so long ago it’s just about erased from their ancient memories. They have no organic bodies but can take shape using etheric energy. Part of the Chem-trails (Terra-forming) taking place is to dumb down and make docile the human population enough so that when these inorganic beings take humans as “hosts” few people will have the awareness to notice something is wrong. These “Transplutonian” creatures also have a very hard time existing in the rays of our Golden Sun, that is why “phantoms” dissipate in sunlight and “vampires” die in the sun. The Terra-forming also darkens the skies and blankets out our Golden Sun making their lives here easier.

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