Tuesday, 9 November 2010

CASE 167 - Satanic hell fire club

Truth is certainly stranger than fiction. The Hellfire Club was no ordinary club. Located deep beneath the disguise of an innocent looking church in England, members of the Hellfire Club descended hundreds of feet deep into the earth; into a series of excavated tunnels, rooms and caverns; where members fornicated with prostitutes; and occult sacrifices were offered to Satan. God only knows what evils took place down there; but Ben Franklin and his Boys Town Cover-up reveals what's happening today.Male prostitutes and whores are commonplace at Bohemian Grove and Skull and Bones island. Just as Ben Franklin was an occultist devoted to Satan, so also are George Bush Sr. and Jr., John Kerry, and other puppets today.

The very term "Hellfire Club" is a mockery of the Scriptures. This is equivalent to the reprobates who nicknamed Las Vegas, "Sin City." How dare sinful men shake their fists in God's face and challenge Him. Americans may trust in goods or greed; but we certainly do NOT trust in the God of the Bible. We spit on Him as a nation. The elaborate labyrinth of passages in Franklin's secret society were fashioned in such a manner that it appeared as if one were descending into Hell; hence the term, "Hellfire Club." The members of the Hellfire Club were evil and are no doubt burning in the very flames that they scorned and sinfully made light of. It was or is very close linked to the skull and bonesmen.

Authorities were shocked on February 11, 1998 when workmen restoring Benjamin Franklin's London home dug up the remains of six children and four adults hidden below the home.

The Hellfire Club was the popular name for an exclusive English club that met irregularly from 1746 to around 1763, run by Sir Francis Dashwood. During the time of the club's operation, they were commonly thought to hold notorious, orgiastic and Satanic meetings at Medmenham Abbey, beside the Thames and later at West Wycombe Caves. The term was not invented by the 1750 club; they first met to celebrate an earlier club founded in 1720 by Charles Edward. Other clubs using the name were set up throughout the 18th century.

The club was founded by Sir Francis Dashwood after he returned from his Grand Tour of Europe. According to the 1779 book Nocturnal Revels, on the Grand Tour he had visited various religious seminaries, "founded, as it were, in direct contradiction to Nature and Reason; on his return to England, [he] thought that a burlesque Institution in the name of St Francis, would mark the absurdity of such Societies; and in lieu of the austerities and abstemiousness there practised, substitute convivial gaiety, unrestrained hilarity, and social felicity." At the first gathering in May 1746, they met at the George and Vulture public house in Lombard Street, London, the meeting place of the 1720s group. The initial membership was limited to twelve but it soon increased. Of the original twelve, seven have been almost certainly identified: Dashwood, Robert Vansittart, William Hogarth, Thomas Potter, Francis Duffield, Edward Thompson, and Paul Whitehead. Though not a member, Benjamin Franklin occasionally attended the club's meetings. The later membership is potentially immense, including John Wilkes and John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich. They did not call themselves the Hellfire Club, but used a number of mockingly religious titles, initially the Brotherhood of St. Francis of Wycombe. Other titles used included the Order of Knights of West Wycombe and later the Monks of Medmenham. The members called each other brothers and referred to Dashwood as abbot; female guests were nuns. Unlike the more determined Satanists of the 1720s the club motto was Fay ce que vouldras (Do what thou wilt) from Fran├žois Rabelais, later used by Aleister Crowley. Although indulging in pseudo-Satanic rites the 'monks' were keener devotaries of Bacchus and Venus. The George and Vulture burned down in 1749, possibly owing to a club meeting. However, it was rebuilt shortly afterwards and survives as a City chop house off Cornhill. Dickens lived and wrote here for some while and the Pickwick Club still meets there to this day. After a hiatus meetings were resumed at members' homes. Dashwood built a temple in the grounds of his West Wycombe home and nearby 'catacombs' were excavated. The first meeting at Wycombe was held on Walpurgis Night, 1752; a much larger meeting, it was something of a failure and no large-scale meetings were held there again. Despite this and the fictionalizing of the club Dashwood acquired the ruins of Medmenham Abbey in 1755, which was rebuilt by the architect Nicholas Revett in the style of the 18th century Gothic revival. In 1762 factional stresses and political rivalries turned the affairs of the club into public clashes and under heavy pressure the club finally disbanded. Which is where the skull and bones hidden deep within Yale univercity was probably formed, with their sick satanic rituals where sacrifices happen and all kinds of ill shit.

In the U.S. alone...
1. There are over 300,000 reported abductions every year.
2. There are almost 800,000 reported missing children in the U.S. every year, that is about 4 children a day.
3. Of those missing children, about 400,000 of those cases are reported family abductions.
4. Non-family abductions reported amount to almost 300,000, including kidnappers who are acquaintances or complete strangers to the victims.
The rest are still missing....

One of the more twisted forms of abduction is that involving the own family. Most reported cases of family abduction deal with more simplistic issues such as custody violations. What is not reported, however, are those families who in fact are involved with the occult and use their own children for satanic sacrifice. There is also a massive link to a big chain of peadofiles and sacrafice

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