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CASE 148 - The Office of International Treasury

The Office of International Treasury Control - financing the future

The Office of International Treasury Control (OITC) a body which claims to be a “Sovereign Entity”is a controversial organization that no one has heard of, they dont have a HQ or building as such and that claims to be associated with the United Nations level 3-5 Security Status clearance and the Federal Reserve, the central bank of the United States, the largest owner of Gold bullion and has many trust funds with many elitist bankers, corporation owners, land owners, the Vatican gold, wealth. They always get a look in on the big fruad and tax dodge scams. It has attempted to deceive people and organizations everywhere. Im getting the feeling these guys are using foundation X as a front and the future of finance and privatized government, when all else fails, will foundation X be our knight in shining armor. Will they be buying up the debts that the UK has. If you thought the Federal Reserve was draped in secrecy and behind the scenes mover and shaker then you need to look into the OITC. The OITC has its roots as far back as early to middle 1800s and is reportedly the largest single holder of Gold in the entire world. Information is very scarce, website shut down but if your dig you will uncover some very unpleasant information regarding the United States, United Kingdom & France and other institutions shrouded in secrecy. There is a great financial war happening globally right now and until you begin digging you will never know it nor understand how the world REALLY works. They are promising and setting deals with people, like promising 6 Billion to Fiji Landowners, but only giving the around 4 Billion, but charging them for the whole wack, plus interest. Is this a major finance cartel fronted by the vatican and many of the elitist banking families buying the rights and ownership of the corporate privatized governments of the world or a big hoax from sources probably like Benjamin fulford or the other federal reserve junkies.

Brief history
The OITC initially surfaced in the United Kingdom, in April/June 2005, as an unlikely bidder for the failed carmaker MG Rover. They claimed to have US$ 5 billion to invest and to be "a secret part of the United Nations". Contacted by the Financial Times, the United Nations denied such claim: "The UN denies [the OITC] exists and says there is no such thing as a "UN Charter Control Number", quoted by the organisation to prove its validity."

The London based Daily Telegraph had also taken note of the bid, noting that it amounted to ten UK pounds (£10), of which the OITC paid one UK pound (£1), by postal money order. The Telegraph also confirmed that the "Bangkok number on [the OITC] letterhead doesn't exist."

Further to their UK activities, the OITC appeared to shift their attention to small countries such as Ecuador and Fiji. There, the OITC seems to be contacting local companies and institutions and offering substantial sums of money as credits, in exchange of mortgages and/or monetary advances. The money offered has not materialized, despite claims on the contrary.

OITC names
The OITC appears to be active under the following names
Office of International Treasury Control
Office of the International Treasury Control
Office of the International Treasury
Office of Treasury Control
Oficina de Control del Tesoro
Oficina Internacional de Control del Tesoro
Oficina Internacional de Control de TesorerĂ­a
Oficina Internacional de la Custodia del Tesoro
OITC officers
In its activities in the UK, Fiji and Ecuador, the following names of individuals have been published as OITC officers:
Keith Scott (aka Dr Keith Scott, aka Keith Francis Scott), reportedly an Australian citizen.
Ray C. Dam (aka Dr Ray Dam, aka Rey C. Dam, aka Ray Chhat Dam), reportedly a Thai or Cambodian national with United States citizenship. Keith Scott has declared Dam is to be considered "the sole arbitrator of the centralized wealth of the world".[7]
David Sale, unknown citizenship.
Pablo Medina, reportedly an Ecuadorian citizen.
Jorge Medina, reportedly an Ecuadorian citizen.

Embedded below you will find a very informative vid giving the background of the OITC and Lord James of Blackheath, Speech on Foundation X.

You can also visit the OITC website here

The Office of International Treasury Control

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