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CASE 136 - Native american massacre

I find it strange that if you mention anything negative about the holocaust, EVERYONE jumps on you, when only around 0.1 to 6 million people were supposidly killed and yet the Jews now have their own country, run the media and still have lots of power. The native indian massacre saw over 50 million native indians killed leaving only 2 million native indians world wide today and most americans are conditioned to be proud of this fact, they make up 1% of the US population, most are trapped in a bad cycle of alcohol, drugs and gambling and nearly all of their stories, knowledge and land are non existant

Manhatton now worth quadrillions of dollars was bought In 1626 by Peter Minuit bought from the local Indians the manhattoes for a load of cloth, beads, hatchets, and other odds and ends then worth 60 Dutch guilders, £26.

When the European colonists arrived on the American continent, there were nearly 20 million Native Americans living within the confines of the present United States, Alaska and canada, which rose to over 50 million during the 1800's. They were divided into more than one thousand different tribes or kinship groups. Many of those original inhabitants died from the European diseases introduced into their homelands by the colonists. The surviving natives were steadily pushed from one place to another as the invading colonists constantly appropriated more and more of the Indians’ lands for farming, ranching and mineral development. Eventually, the US government allocated parcels of land, known as Indian Reservations, to each of the Indian tribes. There are many Indians that do not live on a reservation.

Determining how many people died in these massacres overall is difficult. In the book The Wild Frontier: Atrocities during the American-Indian War from Jamestown Colony to Wounded Knee, amateur historian William M. Osborn sought to tally every recorded atrocity in the area that would eventually become the continental United States, from first contact (1511) to the closing of the frontier (1890), and determined that 7,193 people died from atrocities perpetrated by whites, and 9,156 people died from atrocities perpetrated by Native Americans. Osborn defines an atrocity as the murder, torture, or mutilation of civilians, the wounded, and prisoners. Different definitions would obviously produce different totals. by the end of the 20th century the scholarly consensus had shifted to about 50 million

There are several reasons that the native Americans were almost killed off:

1. Around 475 treaties that the US government made with the tribes and broke including the Indian removal act of 1830

2. smallpox Disease infected blankets were intentionally traded to the native Americans to kill them off.

3. When the US traded arms to the native Americans, we only gave them guns with no rifling in the barrels making the weapons very inaccurate.

4. The US forced marched the tribes across the country along what is now called the trail of tears in which almost every elderly and most youth did not survive.

5. When a few of the tribes finally got fed up with this treatment and started fighting back the US slaughtered most of them.

This was every bit as much of an act of genocide as Nazi Germany committed. just genocide slowly over a long period of time.

Series of videos on the Massacres of the red indians

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