Wednesday, 20 October 2010

CASE 115 - Scientology

Scientology is a philosophical religion founded by L. Ron Hubbard. A former writer of science fiction novels founded the first Church of Scientology of California 1954th in mind autopsychological method which has grown from his earlier thought of self-help system 'Dianetics'. It is important to point out that people are not attracted to Scientology by telling them an incredible SF story which seems to have fallen out of Sirius. But ... the story of Xenu is told only when followers of Scientology are already for long time brainwashed, so this story can be served to them. Because, hand on heart this story could be swallowed only by a small portion of the population as those no lifers, which are dressed in Jedi suits and believe in the force.

Theology (let's call it so) of the Church of Scientology, which comes to recruiting new followers in short that it could perhaps be described as Audi's slogan "Vorsprung durch Technik" or progress through technology. Scientology was initially established as a secular philosophy. Shortly after the founding of Scientology as a philosophy, Scientology is formed into a religion or applied religious philosophy.

Church of Scientology is not recognized as a religion anywhere, except in the U.S. where they established thanks to the first amendment to the Constitution of the United States where is the guarantee of religious freedom. Religion has become clear from pragmatism to get all the benefits Tax enjoyed by religious institutions. So what is Scientology?
Scientology is essentially a way to derive a large amounts of money from followers or victims.

I mentioned above a monk who speaks about their psychological secrets. Scientology is namely using dangerous psychotherapy which essentially operates on the principle of brainwashing. So through psychotherapy they are weakening the mind of a follower so the mind becomes from rational to a irrational state. And still it is not difficult to manipulate the followers, not even to sell them a absurd story of Xenu. Unfortunately here we can not talk about any kind of religious freedom because there is no religion here! Scientology is thus a big scam of good living, great leaders of this "religion." In Germany, Scientology is under constant surveillance by German intelligence services, in Italy are many processes against the Scientology Church and the United States has launched many investigations of economic crimes, theft and even murder. Many leaders of this "religion" end up in jail. People who are drawn into Scientology brainwashing, and were able to back out have launched sort of war against Scientology on the Internet to alert people to the devastating consequences of entering into this "religion".

Famous scientologists

Tom Cruise, and famous Hollywood actor who is also a scientologist is John Travolta.
Tom Cruise came into contact with Scientology through his first wife Mimi Rogers. There was the Scientology "self-help", or through psychotherapy Scientology Tom has beaten dyslexia. Since then he is a big follower and supporter of Scientology.
Hollywood actors are advertising units through which Scientology operates. With great influence they are pushing the careers of these actors, and in turn they operate as the propaganda machinery of this great deception.

Absurdity of Scientology

One of the symbols of Scientology is called. "Scientology cross". The cross is a symbol of Christianity - the passion, death and resurrection of Christ. Scientology has nothing to do with Christianity, the only relationship with Christ is that it is a fake picture (remember the 3D cinema with thousands of billions of souls who see the days of confusing movie). Why a cross? Scientology cross has eight branches that show eight dynamics (?!).
My opinion is that this crisis is one of the Scientology scams to be closer to the iconography of its religious side.
The official web site of the Church of Scientology calls people to "Sunday service" and Sunday worship.
But what is celebrated on that Worship? Xenu's captivity?

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