Friday, 15 October 2010

CASE 112 - The business of humanity

The business of humanity - Human capitol / Executive order 13037

From the very moment you are conceived until, days, weeks or even years after you are buried or cremated you are an economic slave, you are a business, a corporation. Generating, earning, taking and constantly in forever debt

1) Before and after birth

Before you are born until you have a birth certificate in any court of law around the world you are considered a "living thing", under the human rights bill the "living thing" is considered to have rights


The NHS spends more than £80 million a year on caesarean sections. According to official figures a normal hospital delivery costs the NHS about £1,350, while a caesarean section costs £2,339. The cost of an epidural in private maternity hospitals is around £500. So its quiet normal that the amount of home births has almost vanished and special operations that cost lots have increased

2) Birth certificate

After you're birth in order to "invent" you're straw man identity the government tell you by law you have to register you're children by a certain time limit or face fines, if you don't have a birth certificate, later on you will find it very difficult to gain any form of ID, government benifits, loans, in some cases jobs, because you are non existant, so the birth certificate is a way of stating that you "a corporation" work for "the corporation"

Cestui Que Vie Act 1666.

Anyone who doesn't claim to be alive is presumed dead, therefore any tenement/estate (net worth) becomes Ward of the state after seven years. Basicly and it still stands today, the Crown own all the lands and everything within it unless you claim you're soveriegn back.

3) From birth until school

playschool, family social benifits and others, these are all payed for by the tax payers and 1 of the areas in which I agree being in the situation right now that families with young children should get help from the rest of the world and the government, but because this is the age in which the "human corporation" contributes anything to the system, which is why the government don' bother or put any effort in. This is the age when the human learns and grows at its fastest

4) School, college, higher education, All paid for by the tax payers, they are where children are taught to obey or simply fail ready for the workforce in later life

5) Work - career - this is where you contribution to the "corporation" begins, you work 3 months of the year working to pay for the countries debt in which money is created (CASE 052 - The banking system), you then work 2 weeks to pay for the upkeep of the sovereign lady Queen elizabeth

6) Senses - The 5 senses - hearing, speaking, touching, smell and taste. Everything is copyrighted, you have to pay to legally listen to music, films. If someone invents a product it has to be patented or owned in some way. The governments corpoations and others, can and do manipulate these senses in order to generate and exploit for profit

7) Marrage, divorce - all at a massive cost depending on how big or fancy you want a wedding, but its just a piece of paper saying these 2 people are legally bonded thats all no love

8) Insurance, you can get insurance on just about anything, half the time they never pay up coz of some law change or reason they like to make up, insurance is almost like gambling

9) Mortgages, finance - basicly you are working to get a promisary note of cash to then go and pay more on a house than its worth, repaires and bills all add up

10) Death - arr wonderful death, its a shame if you had no cash when you died coz either you're family or the tax payers have to fork out the cost so you're bones can rest in a wooden box with a headstone above

Total cost of Cremation including Flowers, Cremation, Ministers fees, Coffin - minimum of £2750

11) others - prison, injury, going to court - ALL controlled to reep as much money out of you

12) food and water


Water is and can be used as a weapon for war, it can be controlled very easily

Water floridation act 1985

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