Saturday, 11 September 2010

CASE 046 - Nibiru

Information, known and hitherto unknown about Nibiru.

Nibiru, also known as Marduk, 12th planet or Planet X, first came into the Earth's solar system far back before recorded history even before the formation of the Earth itself.  If truth were to be known (and it will be) the formation of the Earth as it is today is due to the influence of this occasional interloper to this solar system. How did Nibiru first come into this system?  Though it is commonly believed and indicated in some of the ancient writings that it was a natural part of this system that merely has a very long orbital path, (more than 3600 years).  In fact it was brought into this system by a group of beings who prided themselves, albeit arrogantly, to be the "creators and farmers of life in the universe."  These people, who later told humans to call them Annuniki, were at the time a race with great power of and supernatural means.  They were not physical in the sense that humans understand.  Though they exist in this physical dimension, they do not have what could be truly called a physical form.  Surely not the same as your body is.  They were also a people with far too much self-importance and each of their accomplishments fed their skewed pride until such a time as they decided to create a whole living planet by themselves. This solar system was the place where they choose to attempt their grand folly.  The star was constant and established and the magnetic forces of the other gas giants, (Jupiter and Saturn) would make for a stable area between them and the sun where life could take hold, if there was a planet in place. At the time, there were the outer planets of the Sol system.  The inner planets had not evolved past bare rocks or molten asteroids yet and there was no life, as humans generally understand life, in this system.   The Annuniki believed if they could create a planet, or bring one into the system, then they could put it into place and then create life on it.  To them, with all their successes and with all their pride, it was an ultimate challenge they could not resist.

In an attempt to create an inhabitable planet in the Sol system, they attempted to navigate a planetary mass that they felt had the potential to bear life into the Sol system.  They did this with a mixture of technology and supernatural powers they possessed.  They started with a moon from the other planet Neptune.   Slowly they moved it towards the center of the solar system. Unfortunately, they underestimated the gradational pull of Uranus, and the moon crashed into Uranus with such force that it not only created a phenomenally huge crater on the face of the planet, but the force was sufficient to knock Uranus off its axis, and to this day it rotates on its side, perpendicular to all other planets in the system. This first attempt was scrapped and another moon was chosen.  This time in order to counter the pull of Uranus and any pull from other planets, the next moon chosen was mostly ice so its density could be controlled by melting water as needed. Also it was made to spin opposite of the rest of the natural turn of the planets in the Sol system, moreover, it was moved into the solar system in an orbit contrary to the rest of the system. With the new spin, ice and orbit along with the lessons learned from the first failed attempt, this moon was slowly but surely navigated past the gas giants and into the inner area of the solar system. Once they passed the last of the gas giants, they believed they were sure there was no way they could fail.  They concluded that in order to be "gods" to their soon to be creations, they would need to be close to their new creation.  So, in their arrogance, almost all of them, enmasse, decided to transfer their consciousnesses to the new moon, which they dared to call Nibiru  "Giver of life". Since they were not physical in the sense that they needed to have physical sustenance and provisions, they were happy enough to live on this barren, ice covered world.  But once again their superciliousness nature caused them grief.  No one believed that they could make such a small mistake of numbers, and before they knew it, their beloved Nibiru was on a collision course with a dead rock of a planet revolving around the sun. 

There was much debate about how to avoid the collision, but it was all for naught.  The two heavenly bodies collided in a fury.

Because the small rock world (earth) was rotating with the proper rotation of the center sun, and was also orbiting in the proper magnetic direction, its gradational pull overpowered that of the interloping moon whose rotation and orbit were contrary to the established norm. When the dust settled, so to speak, Nibiru was far smaller, as the material that made it up, particularly the ice, super heated in the collision and remained with the small rock world. Thus, water came to the Earth.

The collision caused many things to happen.  The sheer force of the impact so close to the gravitational and magnetic center of a solar system did not simply destroy one object and knock the other off track as it had in the outer reaches of the solar system with their first attempt.  The force was so great, the gravitational influences so strong, and coupled with the intense psychic energies the Annuniki were exerting, the results were astounding.  Nibiru was instantly thrown into an orbital abnormality that not only sent it plummeting through space, but also through dimension.

The Annuniki, along with their dear creation, Nibiru, were sent on an incredible elliptical journey that takes them through space, time, dimensions and realities.

Luckily for the Annuniki, they are beings who can exist in the type of environment created by such a journey - that being no heat, sunlight, water etc.  Also, because of their non-physical status, Annuniki are very long-lived beings. Their lifespan is many, many hundred times longer than a human beings'.  This is a good thing because with an orbital path as long as they one they are on, it gives them some inkling of continuity. Over time, Nibiru has returned in its journey around our sun.  Sometimes when it has passed planet Earth, Annuniki have "jumped off", if you will, and visited the Earth.  Sometimes they make short visits while their planet is in the area.  Sometimes they stay for whole revolutions. Some are here right now. The confusing part comes into play because Nibiru is still traveling through dimensions, time and space as it rotates around the sun.  Sometimes when it has passed Earth, although it was close by, perhaps even passing through, it has been in an alternate dimension and was not seen, felt or even suspected.  The only proof that it could have been near, would be, if you looked, a jump in the ideas, technology or consciousness of man, caused by Annuniki visitors interactions and inspirations. Other times, it has come by and been in this dimension, or one close enough that its bizarre course through the solar system cased problems that effected the world in a physical way, just as any solid body passing so close would. The orbit is about 3669 years, but because in other dimensions it can move quicker or slower, this is extremely subject to change.  In general it is within 200 years of this time.  Nevertheless, because it can make this orbit totally unseen by the earth due to its location in dimension or realm at the time of its passing, it will often only be known by those who can see into these other dimensions. This pass will not be in this dimension.  Even though Nibiru may show up in close dimensions as it approaches, so that sometimes it can be seen on photographs, it has been concluded that it will not be in a position to show (be seen) or even to cause problems with the earth until it passes again in about 7400 years from now.

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