Saturday, 11 September 2010

CASE 043 - The freeman movement

From time to time you may have heard about the 'Freeman' movement. Good examples of it are found in such websites as FMOTL and also on TPUC. What it says is this. The LAW of this country is the Common Law of England. The stuff made by politicians (including all bills from councils, all traffic tickets, all other Acts of Parliament and all restrictions on your personal freedoms are NOT law. They are the products of STATUTES. So the Council Tax is one simple case. You pay it because you think it's the 'law'. In fact it's a Statute. And here's the fact. STATUTES REQUIRE YOUR CONSENT. They are NOT law. And more and more people are waking up to it. Television licences is another case. So too ANY 'law' (so-called) of Parliament. They are ALL Statutes. There was a time in English history when everyone knew this. But you've been suckered by the elites. Whose revenue officers are now in uniform everywhere. From the moment you register your vehicle. These are all STATUTES. They are NOT the LAW. Get it now ? The entire history of this nation is one of elitists who make the 'law' up as they go along. You owe it to yourself to be familiar with this issue. Ask a policeman. Ask a judge. Statutes are NOT 'laws'. They ALL require your consent. And most of the time you consent to them because you do not know differently. Get free ! Wake up to the scams of governments and to the FACT that revenue officers are acting under STATUTE, not under the Law. The Law of England IS the Common Law. It is the Common Law of England which forces bad Acts of Parliament to be withdrawn. Now you can tell the difference. Follow the LAW. Not the bankers.

Introducing 'Discovering Freeman Philosophy', a series of short films about The Law, Honour & Your Rights as a sovereign Human Being. In this short film Mark Brown gives us a brief insight into the trust held on our behalf by your government!

Its an illusion - John Harris

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