Thursday, 9 September 2010

CASE 026 - Zionism

Zionism (Hebrew: ציונות‎, Tsiyonut) is a nationalist Jewish political movement that, in its broadest sense, calls for the self-determination of the Jewish people in a sovereign Jewish national homeland. Since the establishment of the State of Israel, the Zionist movement continues primarily to support and advocate on behalf of the Jewish state, and its current existence. Since the first centuries CE most Jews have lived outside Land of Israel (Eretz Israel, better known as Palestine by non-Jews), although there has been a constant presence of Jews. According to Judaism, Eretz Israel is a land promised to the Jews by God according to the Bible. After the 1st century Great Revolt and the 2nd century Bar Kokhba revolt, the Romans expelled the Jews from Judea, changing the name to Syria Palaestina, and thus forming the Jewish diaspora.[citation needed]
Zion is a hill near Jerusalem (now in the city), widely symbolizing the Land of Israel. Why are so many nations bending to Israel's will or staying silent on its crimes? What is it about this minuscule country that enables it to have so much control on decisions made by larger and more powerful nations? It refuses to abide by international laws and treaties. It illegally occupies great swathes of Palestinian land and it's imposing an illegal blockade on Gaza. Moreover, it is the only country that could get away with assassinating its enemies on foreign soil. If any other country or territory with a smaller population than New York behaved as outrageously as Israel, it would be isolated, boycotted and, perhaps, even invaded. Yet, Israel gets away with ignoring a long list of UN Security Council resolutions -- as opposed to Saddam's Iraq, which was invaded, plundered and occupied on those same grounds. Israel has a stockpile of undeclared nuclear weapons and, as documentation recently released by Pretoria confirms, was prepared to sell nuclear warheads and technology to South Africa during apartheid; a reality that counters U.S. claims that Israel is a responsible democracy that would never supply weapons of mass destruction (WMD) to rogue states.


Anonymous said...

You're an idiot.. Israel keeps Gaza blocked off because the Palestinians refuse to be peaceful in that area. Israel only fights to defend itself. Palestine is part of Israel, and Israel just doesn't want to be attacked by them. You're sources are bogus. Israel doesn't 'tell' other countries what to do. Other countries want to protect Israel because it is a peaceful nation.

Anonymous said...

Hey dude what you said"israel is a peaceful nation"go and die man you fucking jewish.....his/her source are based on the truth and not like israel,taking people land and killing innocent live..guess wht israel is still not a state because it is not recognize by more than 100 countries.BTW Israel comes from the palestine land and not the other way steal people land and say that people take your land.....haha go find the truth you zionism.....only Iran can teach you a lesson...

4 walls productions UK said...

The pope guided by the papel, SMOM and jesuits sent in his Knights during the 1st, 2nd 3rd and 4th holy crusades to get rid of the muslims which they eventually did to then allow Jews to come to the promised holy land after the 2nd world war where there were promised heaven. Since then more and more people have moved there and pushed out 1st the British who were peacefully running Palestine and then they pushed out the muslims in a not very nice way

I live a few streets away from this - which I have trying to fight for years

habibuddin said...

As a matter of fact jewish people have both caused and suffered some of the most horrific events of history in general and the past century in particular.Hitler believed they were the cause were German- Turkish alliance lost in first world war.It was this suscpicion that lead to Holocaust.
Lets believe that Holocaust was true,and the Jewish people were really exterminated in a most inhuman way that would shame the humanity forever.But again once the Israel was formed ,instead of building upon trust and confidence with its neigbours every thing that has happened in last sixty years in the Arab world in general and with the Palestinan peoples in particular has only proved Israel as an aggressor,an scheming ,mischevious-plotter and an unreliable neighbour.Assasinating Iraqi nuclear scientists,launching missile attacks on nuclear plants of neigboring countries.Stock piling weapons of mass destruction.Not just enough for minimum deterrence,but huge enough to cause catstrophes of disproportinate magnitude.
its time JEWS should mend up relations with their neighbours and provide equal rights for palestinian people to elect a democratic responsible government guaranteeing equal rights to all its citizens Jewish or Arab.West Asia has suffered a lot.And it is mutating fast into an anarchy so-large that any madness is possible.Israel how so ever defended by modern weeapons of mass destruction can not fight the combined will of all the people in its surrounding.The pent up anger that Israeli actions are only fuelling every day may show reactions of unprecedented type.U.S will not be always there to shield israel for all its acts of omission and commision,particularey in post 9/11 world.It alrady has stretched itself to limits.
NAZI Germany is gone !! but so is USSR.Apartheid in south Africa is now a chapter in history.Imperial Great Britian is now just a cluster of a few islands near Arctic.Winds of change are sweeping every where.Its time for WEST asia to burry hatchets and resolve long pestering issues.It is the palestine israel issue that has lead to the rise of ISLAMIC terrorism/militancy.West has already singed its hands.More violence may follow.But the outcome remains uncertain.Israel must forget creating ZION or greater ISRAEL of biblical lore.If the people power in the neighbouring EGYPT,LIBYA,SYRIA and YEMEN can throw away its own masters ( read restrainers) a mass uprising against ISRAEL is not impossible.ISRAEL will obviusly will react.With its charecteristic venegance,similar to what it showed in Lebanon against Hizbollah-and will make it-self a villain once again.Depriving itself once again with the legtimacy that it seeks through repeated invocations to history.