Wednesday, 8 September 2010

CASE 023 - Protests and demo's are a corrupt business

Just looking at how much its costing the tax payer, who don't pay any attention to the protests at all, waste of money, im sure if we told everyone they would either listen or try to stop protests, but I do really think that most around 75% are set ups, infiltrated honey pots, A) for profit and B) coz then the police can round up the terrorists and C) it keeps the majority in line, it scares them a bit, A widely held belief among people doing federal business is that a protest costs far too much and is not good business because the agency will retaliate. I reject both claims as not being factual. Now a protest can cost hundreds of thousands, but you only do this when you are right, think you can win, and millions are at stake. And in many instances the feds have to pay your legal fees if you win, Protesting is banned in Westminster, London. The G20 was like the World cup of protesting, the financial costs of hosting the G8 and G-20 summits was the topic of several political debates and the target of criticism by local groups. The reasons for the large price for both summits were questioned by a few politicians and local groups. Members of parliament Olivia Chow and Mark Holland labelled the $1.1-billion budget for hosting the summits "obscene" and "insane."Others argued that the money could have been used for long-pending municipal projects in Canada, such as Toronto's Transit City. The security cost for the two summits, which was determined to be $930 million, was more expensive than the combined security costs of the 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Vancouver and Whistler, British Columbia, which were $878 million.

Here are a few, and how much they cost ... _protests/ ... on/?ref=mr

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