Thursday, 9 September 2010

CASE 022 - Working class housing estates are 'social concentration camps'

Government after government since after the 2nd world war have been pushing poorer people into what it condemns as "social concentration camps" set away from private housing, jobs and shops. Children born on such estates are more likely to end up unemployed, take drugs, suffer mental health problems and die younger than their counterparts in private housing. Most damningly for the Government, pledges by the Prime Minister Tony Blair and then Gordon Brown to end "no-go areas" and close of the gap between rich and poor have ended in failure, just like the government before that. Everyone has a flatscreen TV nowdays, the estates are designed like mazes (not all of them) 1 way in and 1 way out and a winding, maze of run down houses, bars on some of the windows, cctv on every street (even in the early 90's), with sete's in the garden and a burnt out cars, stinky high rise flats with broken lifts, people get killed just for saying words, they always build a bingo halls, chinese take away's in them and you will find a Ladbrokes and William Hill, but not a fruit and veg stall, everyone knows everyones business and everyone is shagging everyone else, most are very materialistic and have all the mod cons and designer cloths but a messy overflowing house, they always make sure they watch all the soaps, then the news and feel so bad about the world, then x-factor or what ever it is that keeps the nation locked. There is 1 pub, 2 if your lucky, they build a nice new park, as requested by educated middle class councilors or MP's to make their campaign look good, which never gets used coz the kids are on the DS or Xbox and eventually the park gets burnt or vandalized, then everyone moans, "well nobody used it, so we won't put money into it". There is no real community spirit, except for when they are all buying each other pints or someone dies, so they buy each other pints, or when England is on, they buy each other pints, or someone is getting married, so they buy each other pints.

TO BE HONEST, who designed these places, what were they on, or were they controlled, see the way they designed Britain after the war was perfect for the 50's and 60's, but they didn't look to the future, the motor ways opened, these nice little estates replaces the bombed and rundown areas, but they built them in a way that the whole dig for victory (growing food) went out the window coz they started building high rise flats and a concrete slab of 100 houses, so they either purposely created them this way to keep the poor half of the population controlled in a certain profound way or they were just shit designers, architects and were so nieve and thought that the materials, the way they designed them actually will sustain and be a good urban community, with all needs addressed. I can see that these people are living really poor oppressed lives, its like a mindfix and you have to take into account that to get anywhere in life you have to do loads of bullshit and paper chasing and learn a lot of things, but these people don't have the knowledge or care coz they have been molded from birth by their own parents and people around them, to be not interested in anything other than making money quick and getting wrecked quick

Poor council estates

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