Wednesday, 8 September 2010

CASE 018 - Moon mining

The first feasibility report was started in 1958 by the US Army.
The report was finished and submitted to the Army's Chief of Ordinance
from the Chief of Research and Development in March 1959.
The Army's plan was for just an outpost first, then future bases for
weapons launches after the problems associated with the environment
and life support on a long term basis were under control.
Remember, this was during the Cold War and control of the skies
weren't 100% achieved or could be. So control of the Moon was
and still is, the next priority. If we had launch sites on the Moon,
we would have had control of the world at large.

But all of that is obsolete as thermonuclear war seems far from
happening, at least for now. However, control of the Moons resources
is still a major priority, as well as our other planets in the solar system. Nasa and our education system and what we would accept as common knowledge would suggest that space and getting to the moon is hard, dangerous and expensive, its not

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