Wednesday, 8 September 2010

CASE 017 - Conspiracy theory, Conspiracy fact and coincidences

Conspiracy theory is something that has no evidence, its just written about or spoken about there is no hard facts - GOD is a conspiracy theory, the bible isn't proof, most of the 9/11 stuff is conspiracy theory. When you have evidence it then becomes a conspiracy fact - most of the stuff John Harris on its an illusion is conspiracy fact, he shows you the facts he proofs to you that they are what they are

The truth passes through 3 stages, the 1st denial, 2nd violent opposition, 3rd widespread acceptance as common knowledge - 1 group will deny and not believe at all - 1 group will oppose the truth as much as they can - and the last group will sit back and say they knew it was all going to happen and tried to stop it happening, The biggest conspiracy theorists in the world are our governments and world leaders.

taken from this, its so true

Deek Jackson on - Conspiracy to create a coincidence

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