Tuesday, 7 September 2010

CASE 008 - Echelon intelligence systems

ECHELON intelligence systems are always listening to everything, there even watching this site, through your mobile phone, every single house phone built after 1991, every email, camera's, they can voice print you, even most up to date phones and computers even when switched off, but plugged in they can hear you, now I have been near to the World HQ site in Menwith, Yorkshire, its huge so I didn't really see much but its security presents is big, its used by the NSA, FBI, CIA, MI6.

Ever wondered who is going through your PC? Here is some of the key words or spook words that they tag and where to get the full list, also a few pictures of some of the installations thought to be used by Echelon. Big brother is really out there. dataminer systems check you out even on what products you buy, by tagging products with tiny electronic chips, they even know which razors you buy.Check the link below for all the words.


Echelon wiki
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Echelon_(s ... telligence)

Echelon conspiracy - film review

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