Tuesday, 7 September 2010

CASE 004 - Big charities are not charities

Cancer Research UK is the country’s biggest fundraising charity, with an annual income of £344 million, around 10% goes on paying the executive board & committee leaders, 50% pays wages, 30% goes on equipment & research, (But if it was a charity, the people would work for free, and I understand that people have to pay to live, but I used to work 5 days a week and do a days work for charity a few years ago) — Oxfams income was £177 million. A survey also found but forgot to mention how much the executives got paid that the remarkable level of disaster fundraising in 2004-05 led to a 49 per cent rise in the amount given to international causes. After the December 2004 tsunami, which devastated parts of Asia, the Disasters and Emergencies Committee announced an appeal: £20 million was donated within two days and £60 million by the end of the week. On average, every adult in Britain gave £5, and it is estimated that four out of five families donated to the appeal. In July that year an appeal had been opened for the refugees in the Darfur region of Sudan, raising £35 million. The Beslan school siege took place in September 2004, prompting a rapid response and raising £350,000 for the Red Cross.Not only are we paying for politicians to make the choice to go to war, but we pay for the war, and then who steps in to pick up the pieces, mmm lets sit down have a think about that, oh its the charities and guess who pays for them, us or our government bails out or rescues countries every now and then depending on how valuable that country is and who pays for that, us

Now please dont think im a cold hearted bastard coz I never give money to these people or for even raising this subject, but im not going to give my money or support knowing that there are people with the company getting fat pays and living in huge houses, whilst the charity (company) they work for is trying to raise money to get people out of poverty or save the planet or cancer or what ever cause. I would rather go and give it to people that need it in person, which I used to do, go to places in W. Africa or I know someone I can trust will give them my charity.

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