Tuesday, 7 September 2010

CASE 002 - Big bang, god or other

I personally dont think a man with a white beard created the universe and everything in it and did it in 7 days. I think the universe created and manifested itself out of nothing through collapsing dust clouds and intense weather patterns. Its always expanding and at a certain point could implode.

Some scientists sayIt started off with the "big bang", many fluctuations, chaos, which lasted around 150 million years, then there was what they call the "after glow light pattern" which lasted around 400 million years, which suddenly went into 50 million years of darkness, until then the stars were starting to form for around 400 million years. Then around 12 billion years later our group of galaxies the "Andromeda" and other galaxies were forming, our galaxy is around 14 million light years away from the centre of the universe and is the largest group of galaxies but some say There is no centre of the universe! According to the standard theories of cosmology, the universe started with a "Big Bang" about 14 thousand million years ago and has been expanding ever since, then was followed by many ages, the age of bombardment. Yet there is no centre to the expansion; it is the same everywhere. The Big Bang should not be visualised as an ordinary explosion. The universe is not expanding out from a centre into space; rather, the whole universe is expanding and it is doing so equally at all places, as far as we can tell.. In 2005, astronomers announced that Andromeda's disk actally extends far further out, so that the disk spans at least 260,000 light-years, Andromeda has a total of around 700 billion to 1.2 trillion Solar-masses compared to 0.93 to 1.9 trillion or more for the Milky Way. Our Solar system compaired to the universe is the size of a pea compaired to the size of the UK. The biggest star we know to be the biggest is called Antares and is 800 times bigger than our sun, wow

http://www.wikisky.org/ - have alook around our universe with this its wicked, Nibaru is there too

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